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Hi & welcome to depp fans! A fan site for Johnny Depp! Enjoy your stay!

Good morninng my lovelies my beauties! How's it going this morning?! I'm doing well. LOL! Considering my holiday was a let down. :( But my step mom got sick. She got the flu :( So I couldn't go to my mom's. It's okay because I'm going to my mom's tonight. Yay! So things are getting better. It was a lonely Thanksgiving but I managed. I'm still single. Haven't found Mr.Right yet. I'm not sure if I'm even looking. Is that an issue? LMAO! I don't feel as if I need a man right now. I got enough going on.

So, I redid Depp fans. Refresh your cache's. :) I hope you all like the new changes. I've been in the mood to create lately. I hope you all like my content. I try extremely hard to make things you guys like.

I'm going to go work on my FREE graphic site. I'm going to make some textures and stuff. I'm in the mood, I guess! LOL! I can't believe the next holiday is Xmas. Where has the time gone? It's going so fast. I order all of my presents on Amazon. Then have them delievered to my mom's house. Did I tell you guys I got a package stolen where I live? Isn't that unreal!?! Omg. I was so upset. I had to call the cops and report it. I saw it got delievered on my phone I was hot to trot. I was mad. I was upset. Omg. Who could do something like that? Why would you do that? It's NOT yours. Ugh! People have nerve! I'm telling you!

Oh be sure to stop over Lady Diana My princess diana tribute site. I've updated that too. I hope you know I loved Princess Diana. She was the best. I felt so sad when she died. I just graduated from High school in June. Ugh! I was like omg. That was horrible. Poor Prince William and Prince Harry who lost there only mother at such a young delicate age. Ugh! Those poor guys.

Never say that you know how someone feels. Your not in there shoes. I think that you say Oh I can only imagine how you feel? Umm no you can't. You haven't had it happen to you. Or experienced it. You can feel bad but can't say I know how you feel. :( I know sometimes we do but we can't say that really. My step mom just lost her mom. :( She was 91. She was my step grandmom. Not really a relation but I felt like I've known her all of my life Which I have. I can't say I know how you feel. Because well I still have my mom, You know? I can just give her a hug and say How sorry I am. I hope you all know I'm NOT trying to tell people what to say but that's how I feel about that.

Well going to go for now. Hope you all will have a good weekend. It's Friday. Black Friday. I'm going to my mom's tonight. So I won't be creating much. It's raining here today. Yay. I love the rain. So nice and refreshing. lol. Have a good day!